7+ Qualities of MS Dhoni that you should adopt in your life

Qualities of MS Dhoni

Here you are going to learn about some important qualities of MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni-the the most successful captain of India. Under his leadership, India achieved glory in world cricket. He is the only Indian captain to have won all the ICC trophies. Under his captaincy, India won the T20 world cup in 2007.

After that, he started building a team that eventually lifted the World Cup in 2011. Again in 2013, India won the champions trophy. His leadership, captaincy, and managerial skills dominated world cricket for many years. There are so many good things that we should learn from him. Here is the list of some key qualities of MS Dhoni that one should adopt in his/her life.

1. Dedication and Hardwork

Dedication and Hardworking quality of Ms Dhoni

Becoming an international cricketer in India is very tough and it becomes tougher when you belong to a middle-class family. Dhoni has faced many ups and downs, failures in his journey. But with his dedication to cricket and consistent hard work he made his journey successful and has set an example for all the youngsters around the world. We all have seen his journey full of obstacles, hard work, and dedication in his inspiring movie named “MS Dhoni: The untold story“.

2. Accept failures and take responsibility

Accept failures and take responsibility

Failures are the part and parcel of life. Every sportsman comes across the failures but only who accepts and learns from them becomes successful. As a captain and player, Dhoni has also faced many failures. But he has always accepted those failures, taken their responsibility, and learned from them. This is one of the most important leadership skills that has made him successful.

“A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit.”

-John Maxwell

3. Be calm and confident

Nature of MS Dhoni

Whenever we see Dhoni on the field, whatever be the situation of the match, he always seems to be cool. That’s why he is called Captain Cool. He has the ability to hold his nerves in a pressure situation and is always confident about his decisions and his own game. His specialty is to take the matches to the last over. This shows his confidence on his own game.

4. Down to earth

 attitude of MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni at Harsha Bhogle’s Book launch

With time, Dhoni became more and more successful and achieved many perks. But this has never gone into his mind. He always looks gentle, kind, calm, and egoless person as he was before. He respects other players, teammates, and guides the youngsters. This quality of Dhoni makes him more loveable and respectable cricketer in the whole world.

5. Lead from front

Leadership quality of MS Dhoni

Another most important and remarkable one among the qualities of MS Dhoni is leading from the front. This is the most important quality of a leader to make his team successful and Dhoni has eventually proved it from time to time. Today, he is considered as the best wicketkeeper and the best finisher in the world. He had won single-handedly many matches for India. His unbeatable innings in 2011 World cup is the best example of leading from the front.

6. Encourage and back other players

Encourage and back other players

From the past years, Dhoni has made a career of many cricketers. He encouraged and backed the abilities of Rohit Sharma and gave him chances as an opener. And the result is, today Rohit has become a most destructive and successful opener. Dhoni’s influence is such that every player who comes to CSK gives his best and players also feel more comfortable playing under him. We have seen how he made players in CSK which eventually played for India.

7. Take tough decisions

Decision making quality

In his career, Dhoni has taken many big decisions. Many times his decisions were so surprising that nobody was able to predict which decision he can take ahead. But many times, his out of the box thinking and tough decisions rewarded him. His father was against his decision of leaving the job of railways but he made this tough call and the rest is history. Thus taking tough decisions and proving them right is important to learn in life.

8. Love for nation

Love for nation

Dhoni’s love for nation and Indian army is known to all. After serving the nation as a cricketer for many years, now he has joined the Indian army also. He always shows his support for the nation at the time of any natural disaster. In World cup 2019, he has worn the gloves having the Balidaan symbol to honor the brave Indian army soldiers. This shows his love for the nation.

MS Dhoni will always be remembered as a great leader. We should adopt his qualities that are required in day to day life. His leadership and managerial skills have the utmost importance in the field of business and startup. So the businessmen and entrepreneurs must possess these qualities of MS Dhoni to be successful in life. This is the first article of my blog and I thought it must start with a great man. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and your suggestions are heartily welcome.

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