Top 5 players with most catches in ipl history

most catches in ipl  history

In the game of cricket, fielders play a very important role. Brilliant catches and fielding efforts are always appreciated by the audience. Watching an extraordinary catch is as pleasing as watching a batsman playing a great shot.

Catches play a very crucial role in any match. It is rightly said that catches win matches. We have seen this many times that a single dropped catch or an extraordinary catch changes the whole story of the match.

In the shorter format of T20, it becomes more important to take catches. We see brilliant fielding performances in ipl every year. And year by year, the standard of fielding has been rising only. Here in this article, we are going to see the top 5 players with most catches in ipl history.

1. Suresh Raina (102 catches)

Nothing surprising in it that Suresh Raina has taken the most catches in ipl history. He is among the best fielders of India and has taken the Indian fielding to the next level. He is considered to be the fielder with the safest hands.

In ipl, he played for Chennai Super Kings and Gujrat Lions. Raina has been astounding at slip and point. His throws are perfect and have played a crucial role in many run-outs. He is also among the top run-scorers in ipl.

In his ipl career, he had played 193 matches and grabbed a total of 102 catches. Some of these catches are just brilliant. Watch this phenomenal catch in slip by Raina while playing as captain of Gujrat Lions against KKR.

2. AB de Villiers (84 catches)

Mr.360° – a man with zero haters and probably the most loveable cricketer in the world is at 2nd position in the list of most catches in ipl history. AB has played 154 matches in ipl and has grabbed a total of 84 catches.

There’s nothing in cricket this man can’t do. He is Superman on the field. His shots are just unbelievable. Like batting, his class in fielding is also extraordinary. Fielding at long-on and long-off, he had saved many runs for his team and had taken some splendid catches. He has great shoulders which helps him throwing the ball at lightning speed.

His catch of ipl 2018, is one of the best catches in ipl history. Fielding at sweeper position, he takes the one-handed flying catch. Watch this superman catch of AB de Villiers against SRH.

3. Rohit Sharma (83 catches)

The Hitman Rohit Sharma is at the 3rd position in the list of most catches in ipl history. We always appreciate him for his batting but his fielding doesn’t get that much attention.

He might not be the physically fittest player in the team but he has great catching abilities. He is always the safest fielder in slips and the inward circle.

Rohit has played 188 matches and has taken 83 catches in his ipl career. He has taken some brilliant catches pleasing to catch. Against RCB, Rohit took a stunning catch of AB de Villiers by diving to his left side.

4. Kieron Pollard (82 catches)

Pollard is one of the most valuable players in ipl. He is playing for Mumbai Indians since 2010 and had won many matches for them single-handedly. He is a big hitter of the ball, took crucial wickets in bowling, and always his fielding is also brilliant.

Pollard is a tall player and mainly fields on the boundary line, especially at long-on and long-off. He always gives 100% effort in saving the boundaries and doesn’t miss a chance of taking a catch. He has got strong shoulders and his throws are always fast and perfect.

Pollard has taken 82 catches from 148 matches that he played. He never disappoints the audience with his fielding and has taken some remarkable catches. One of the best catch of Pollard is which he has taken against Kings XI Punjab.

5. DJ Bravo (74 catches)

Dwayne Bravo- another Champion player from West Indies comes in this list of players with most catches in ipl history. Bravo is two times purple cap winner in ipl. He got perfect off cutters and slower yorkers.

Under the leadership of MS Dhoni, he has become the best death over specialist in the world. Also, he is capable of hitting big sixes and can be used as a finisher.

Bravo is one of the most energetic, fittest, and finest fielders in the world. He has a bullet arm and also has hit the target perfectly many times. He has taken some splendid and stunning catches. One of his best catch of the season was of Shane Watson at long-on against RR.

List of top 10 players with most catches in ipl history

Suresh Raina
(csk, gl)
AB de Villiers
(dd, rcb)
Rohit Sharma
(dc, mi)
(mi )
DJ Bravo
(csk, gl, mi)
Virat Kohli
(rcb )
Manish Pandey
R. Jadeja
David Warner
source- espncricinfo

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