Gambhir talks on Corona & IPL in his latest interview

Gautam Gambhir, the Indian Cricketer is known for his dynamic batting. Throughout his glorious career (2003-2016), he has won many matches for India with his classic batting knocks.

Gambhir talks on Corona

Gautam Gambhir is now an active Member of Parliament, Lok sabha (represents BJP). He has been actively contributing to India throughout his life. In his latest interview, Gambhir talks on corona guiding how to tackle this fatal lockdown situation. He also speaks about the importance of ipl during this lockdown period.

Lockdown is needed to take in a positive way

Gambhir talks on the corona situation and says we must take this lock-down in a positive way and not look upon it in a negative way. Lock-down has given an opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Otherwise, it was impossible for us to do so due to our respective work during normal times.

Gambhir shared how he has for the first time got this much of time with his family. He also told that he has been reading the book ” The Bhagat Singh Reader ” by Chaman Lal. And told how he got motivation out of it. Further, he added, this is the real-time to contribute for the country through whatever means you can but most importantly staying home.

We must understand our duty towards the nation. And help those people as much we can who are stuck out of there homes in various parts of India. We must follow the guidelines provided by the Government of India and show co-operation with the government to take control of this ferocious condition of Corona.

We also must show some respect to the Real Heroes of this country. Our Soldiers, Policemen, Doctors, Nurses and everyone out there is working for the well being of all of us, to keep us safe. He also said it is a great opportunity for us to self analyze ourselves.

Gambhir slams Kejriwal

Gautam also addresses the political point of view. He says this war against Corona can’t be win by any particular party and it is not even possible. We have to work together with proper coordination, this is how we are dealing with it in Delhi.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is the ruling party of Delhi currently. Talking as an opposition leader, he accuses Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for not having sufficient PPE kits which is a major allegation imposed by him as it concerns not only the Doctors, Nurses but also the patients they are treating.

He advises all of us out there including the whole system, that this is the time to be proactive rather than being reactive. He accuses AAP that the statistics number displayed to us addressing the help received by the migrants is totally false. The actual figure is much less than it claims, which is again a big accuse on AAP made by Gambhir.

Corona’s challenge for bowlers

Gambhir shared his views on the restriction imposed by the Australian Board on the use of saliva and sweat for shining the ball to avoid the Corona spread among the players.

He says that of-course corona spread can be fatal for players. And the use of saliva or sweat cannot be entertained at all. But there can be a solution in replacement of that otherwise it will be very tough for the bowlers to bowl in the long duration matches. And the game will become more batting dominant.

He said it will not affect much to the limited over cricket. But it will be a great challenge for the bowlers to bowl without shining the bowl. Gambhir also gave a reference that how once when the use of saliva and sweat was restricted in Indian domestic cricket and how challenging was it for the bowlers to bowl at that time.

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IPL must happen if any chance

Talking about IPL Gambhir said, if you ask me as a politician nation’s security is the most prior and must be. But as an Indian individual, I feel that at this time of lockdown when people are locked in their homes, there is so much negativity in the society.


The game of IPL will stimulate a feeling of joy in the lives of people across the world. Watching ipl will once again make them feel alive.

It will definitely remove negative thoughts from people’s mind. And will help to keep their morale high and positive vibe will be generated among the masses.

He also said, if this IPL happens, it will be considered as the most important among all of the IPL seasons. And also it will be a remarkable season in the history of cricket and ipl. But all the proper care must be taken if all of this happens.

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